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Our Services


Our skilled design team from both Turkey and Germany creates moodboards by considering their specific inquiries and global trend forecasts, in order to present them to our valued partners.


Our skilled masters and technicians in the pattern/block department are always eager to explore new materials in order to create a perfect fit that aligns with the demands and needs of the brands.


Techpack (Technical Package) including worksheet and size chart helps to enhance communication and collaboration between the design team and the production team. As SEDY Studios, we provide this service in case of need from brands.


SEDY Studios provides sustainable trim and accessories customization services to brands.


This helps ensure that the finished garments meet the brand's quality standards and the expectations of our business partners before bulk production.


We take pride in conducting high-quality production that is environmentally conscious, while also following all innovative technologies, with our skilled colleagues working under fair conditions in our socially compliant, audited factory, we prioritize both human and environmental considerations, upholding our commitment to responsible practices.

Print & Embroidery

Printing techniques such as puff print, screen print, digital print, 3D print, flock print, and embroidery techniques like tufting, chenille, bird walk, etc. are utilized to enrich the design of clothing or textile products, reflect brand identity, or add personal touches. Your sustainable garment design and manufacturer SEDY Studios offers its customers customized printing and embroidery services, providing the opportunity to make their products more attractive and personalized.


Sedy Studios has consistently distinguished itself by producing high-quality products using the finest materials. This is achieved by placing importance on QA ( quality assurance ) and QC ( quality check ) ensuring regular and irregular inspections. As Sedy Studios we deliver quality products to our customers without any hassle.

Packing & Finishing

The products that have gone through quality control are prepared for shipment according to the packaging style preferred by the brands. They are placed in logo branded or blank, biodegradable or compostable bags as desired. Additionally, hangtags, labels, and stickers are affixed following the brand's requirements. The products are then packaged either as flat packs or hanger packs, based on the brand's preference, and made ready for shipping.


As Sedy Studios, we prioritize low-carbon transportation methods to reduce transportation costs and minimize environmental impacts. We may use your nominated logistics company for shipping of course Or we can also work with our partner logistics companies This allows us to ensure the smooth customs clearance and the most efficient and rapid delivery of all the goods to your warehouse or desired location.
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